Cove Products “Hitch mounted car-go box” is totally unique in the fact that it can quickly attach or detach from your vehicle in seconds.

Simply remove the "Car-go Box" roll it into your garage keeping your gear inside ready and organized for the next time. There is no need to pack and unpack your car or truck with gear each time you go somewhere.  Just slide it on and hit the road.

The “Roll-away feature” includes wheels and a retractable handle to transport your tools, luggage or gear to any location. Whether it’s out to the soccer field, onto the job site or even just into your garage.

Unlike the hard-to-reach rooftop cargo box. The hitch mounted “car-go box” makes it simple to reach and stow away your gear at a lower height. The front panel even folds down to give you easier access to your things.

This “Car-go Box” is totally enclosed. No more strapping your items down. Simply set your items inside, close the lid and lock it. Protecting your things from falling off, theft and road grime.

This car-go box has a 3 lock securing feature. You can lock the lid of the cargo box, the cargo box to the hitch bracket, and then the hitch bracket to the vehicle. Keeping your items completely secure.

The “Slide out feature” allows the Car-go Box to come off completely or slide away just enough to access your vehicles rear hatch, tailgate, or trunk. The base is sturdy enough to slide out even with the box loaded to capacity. The steel cable prevents the Car-go Box from over extending. However, you must slide the carrier back into place and secure it with the safety pin before moving your vehicle.

This Car-go Box conveniently folds up flat, when not in use. Saving storage space in that already crowded garage

No need to remove the hitch bracket every time you want to close the garage, because it swings up quickly out of the way.

This enclosed carrier is great for any road trip. Look how much extra room can be added: 2 large suit cases, 3 carryon bags, 2 large duffel bags, and 2 folding chairs. This "Car-go Box" carrier is the ideal solution for transporting extra gear on the rear of your car. Yet still allows you to see out of the rear window of our vehicle.

The box carrier is made out of heavy-duty polyethylene double wall construction with powder coated steel sub frame for strength. The gas hinge on both sides of the box hold lid open. Allowing you to easily load and unload your gear with both hands. The two built-in handles on each side provide easier lifting for two people. The retractable handle and wheels make it easier to tote your gear around manually.


The powder coated steel hitch bracket has pre wired tail lights that are attached to the directly to the hitch bracket and not the cargo box. Making it easier and quicker to remove without fussing with wire connections. The "hitch bracket" also includes an anti-wobble snug tight bracket helps to prevent the box from wobbling and noise in trailer hitch receiver.

This Car-go Box easily mounts to the back of any SUV, truck, or car that has a 2” square towing receiver. It’s also pre wired with a 4-way connector for the tail lights and turn signals.




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